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Don't use the credit exchange company, they will rip you off I tried to get in touch with someone right after i signed up for the program after they get your info you ,will not here from them again but your account will,even after you fax these *** bags a cancellation notice..I did my homework on them and decided to cancel after all the negative reviews and they are not out to help you just take your money.So please try to find another alternative "don't use the credit exchange when you try to get in touch with them you will be transferred to a voice mail box!

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I finally paid my debt down to the last $1000 but credit exchange won't return any of my 4 phone calls so i can tell them i want to make 1 final payment.The other problem I've had only recently is they have debited by bank account but delayed the payment to the credit card.

Therefore, i get a call from my credit card company telling me if i don't pay right now i will be dropped from the program. It's unfortunate that I've had to double pay twice.

All I want is a call back but the 657 # goes straight to an answering machine and you cannot hit 0 to go to the operator.I'm bummed.


Its not that you dont need an attourney to settle debt.Its that you should have power of attourney to get the debt collectors to respect the agreement.


Terry - You must be one of their employees or even a manager there to write the stuff you did....The Credit Exchange is a total slam/scam and they use very high-pressure techniques to enroll these people. I don't know what happened to "Pissed Consumer's" comment, maybe it was taken off, but I can imagine EVERY word was true, if not worse. I worked there for 20 months and it was all true.


This is absolutely false!All consumers go through a recorded verification process with a verifcation officer.

This process states the consumer has four business days to change, stop or cancel payment date. They are informed in order to do so they must give written notice. All cancellation requests within the agreed- upon time frame of 4 days are always honored. Phone calls to the consumer are always immediately returned and not left in voice mail.

This statement is completely without merit and is damaging to my business.I demand "Pissed Consumer" take this "Don't use the Credit Exchange" comment off this website!

A Credit Exchange Broker with many happy informed customers


I had exactly the same problem. I called several times to The Johnson Law Group, and their "customer service" phone has been so far a recorded message from an answering machine.

I am not sure that this firms are breaking the law by using some loophole, but I surely hope that attorney generals, federal and state agencies, and congress, take note and act swiftly to avoid the crime of ripping off people who already have no resources.

Luis Colorado


I worked for this company and found out that they relinquish all responsibility because they are a referral service.The things they tell you go against USOBA and IADPA.

But now that I work for a true settlement firm. I understand that everything they told me was false.

You don't need an attorney to settle debt.So watch out!


Omg i should have read this first befire i called i have been trying to reach some one for four das to no avail did anyone ever call back.

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